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Kincaid was a shy, imaginative kid, who grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and graduated from Northwestern University magna cum laude, where she studied theatre. Her idols were Lucille Ball, Myrna Loy and Julianne Moore, and since she can remember, she dreamt of being an actress/ comedienne on-screen too.


Kincaid currently plays "Hillary" on ABC's hit single-camera comedy SPEECHLESS, and she will be seen opposite Rosario Dawson in the Warner Brothers thriller UNFORGETTABLE. Kincaid was also one-half of the "dinks" (Dual-Income, No Kids) in DINKS, the popular, critically-acclaimed, comedy series, created by Jason Eksuzian. Watch the first season here

Kincaid is also a writer. She's the creator of a new digital comedy series, HUG IT OUT. It is a six-part series about Gwen who, down on her luck post-divorce, moves to L.A. and reluctantly becomes a professional snuggler. Along the way, she meets an array of unique snuggling clients (series' press release here.) Kincaid is excited to have re-teamed with Jason Eksuzian, (who directs HUG IT OUT), for this odyssey into the weird, vulnerable, funny world of snuggler-for-hire gigs and the ensuing impact on Gwen's life. Find out more about HUG IT OUT here and check out the production stills' gallery below. Kincaid also single-camera pilots CLOUDLAND and GLADYS, as well as a comedy feature, UNCLAIMED BAGGAGE. 

For other credits, visit her IMDb page. She is currently studying and performing at UCB in LA. You can also catch her in the sketch comedy group, Fickas & Beckham & Friends & Stuff (also seen at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland and 2017 San Francisco Sketchfest). 


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